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Unreal Engine 4 SDK Installation

The Smartlook Unreal Engine 4 SDK is currently available only for iOS devices.

Installation for iOS

  1. Download Smartlook iOS Unreal Engine 4 SDK v1.1.
  2. Unzip the archive, create Plugins directory in your project's directory (if needed), and put Smartlook to Plugins.
  3. Close and reopen your Unreal project to load the Smartlook plugin.
  4. Open Plugins settings (Edit - Plugins), make sure Smartlook plugin is enabled. Smartlook plugin can be found in Installed section under Analytics.
  5. Set analytics provider to IOSSmartlook (Edit - Project Settings - Analytics - Providers)
  6. Obtain your SDK Key from Smartlook Dashboard and insert it into Smartlook Plugin settings (Edit - Project Settings - Analytics - Smartlook).
  7. Enable recording by ticking the Start Recording switch in Smartlook Plugin settings, or by using Start Session analytics blueprint node, or by using:
  1. Record events with Record Event analytics blueprint node, or by using:

Supported versions

Current minimal supported Unreal Engine 4 version is 4.6.1 (Metal rendering only, openGL ES is not supported).

Further Steps

All methods of Smartlook SDK are documented in the Smartlook API reference.

Some advanced use-case and troubleshooting case-studies are described in the Cookbooks section of this documentation.

Issues and bugs can be reported in the Smartlook issue tracker.

Concepts undelying the Smartlook functionality are descibed in the Conceptual documentation: