SDK for screen recording and analytics of Unreal Engine games.



The Smartlook Unreal SDK is currently available only for iOS devices.

If you are not using Unreal, check out our Android and iOS builds for normal apps.

What you can do

  • Replay session recordings in our web player
  • Capture all of the user interactions and find ones you can about in the Events manager
  • Set your own custom analytics event and do complex funnels/queries in the dashboard
  • Collect referrer value and source of installation per visitor

Reporting issues

For more information on how to report issues please check our Smartlook SDK Support section.

Installation for iOS

  1. Download Smartlook iOS Unreal SDK v1.2.4.
  2. Unzip the archive, create Plugins directory in your project’s directory (if needed), and put Smartlook to Plugins.
  3. Close and reopen your Unreal project to load the Smartlook plugin.
  4. Open Plugins settings (Edit - Plugins), make sure Smartlook plugin is enabled. Smartlook plugin can be found in Installed section under Analytics.
  5. Set analytics provider to IOSSmartlook (Edit - Project Settings - Analytics - Providers)
  6. Obtain your SDK Key from Smartlook Dashboard and enter it into Smartlook Plugin settings (Edit - Project Settings - Analytics - Smartlook).
  7. Enable recording by ticking the Start Recording switch in Smartlook Plugin settings, or by using Unreal analytics’ FAnalytics::Get().GetDefaultConfiguredProvider()->StartSession();, or by using Start Session analytics blueprint node.
  8. You can record events with FAnalytics::Get().GetDefaultConfiguredProvider()->StartSession();, or by using Record Event analytics blueprint node.

Supported Analytics Methods

  • Start Session
  • End Session
  • Record Event
  • Record Event With Attribute
  • Record Event With Attributes
  • Set User ID
  • Those Methods are recorded as events: Record Item Purchase, Record Currency Purchase, Record Currency Given, Record Error, Record Progress