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iOS SDK Installation

  1. In projects that use Cocoapods, Smartlook can be installed by adding the respective pod into Podfile:
pod Smartlook

Smartlook can be also added directly to the app project by downloading the latest Smartlook iOS SDK, unzipping the file and adding Smartlook.framework to the Xcode project.

  1. To setup and start recording with Smartlook, Smartlook must be imported and configured e.g., in AppDelegate and its didFinishLaunching method:
import Smartlook
func application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) -> Bool {
Smartlook.setup(key: "YOUR_API_KEY")

To setup Smartlook, the unique project API key is needed. It can be found in the mobile project settings in Smartlook Dashboard.

  1. Smartlook now starts recording the app. The recordings will appear in the Smartlook player shortly.

SDK will upload sessions only on WiFi. When uploading on mobile connections is requested, too, it must be enabled in the project settings in the dashboard. More details about the recording process can be found in the Conceptual documentation.

Supported versions

Current minimal supported iOS version is 10.

Further Steps

All methods of Smartlook SDK are documented in the Smartlook API reference.

Some advanced use-case and troubleshooting case-studies are described in the Cookbooks section of this documentation.

Issues and bugs can be reported in the Smartlook issue tracker.

Concepts undelying the Smartlook functionality are descibed in the Conceptual documentation: